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Newsletter: Democratic Life Club

2019/02/28 18:40
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       On February 28, 2019, our company held the 2018 Annual Party Member Leadership Democratic Life Meeting.
       The meeting was presided over by the party secretary and chairman of the company, Luo Zhiqiang. The deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager Yang Qizhi first informed the preparations for the democratic life meeting and the implementation of the 2017 democratic life meeting. Chairman Luo Zhiqiang made a cross-check on behalf of the leadership team and took the lead in self-development. Criticize and accept criticism from everyone. Subsequently, the members of the team checked and checked one by one to carry out criticism and self-criticism.
       After listening carefully to everyone’s speeches, Chairman Luo summarized the situation of the meeting and made a statement. He pointed out that the preparations for this democratic life will be more adequate, and the comparative inspections will be more profound, and the actual connection will be closer. The discussion was very enthusiastic and played the role of sweating the red face and achieving the desired results. Chairman Luo called on the company's party members and leading cadres to take the lead in starting a business, taking the lead in political discipline, leading everyone to build a design institute and work hard for the company's bright future!
       The members of the leading group of the party committee of the hospital and the secretary of each party branch of the hospital attended the meeting.