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2019/02/19 18:55
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      “Practicing the spirit of the craftsmanship, the weather has been updated.” In order to fully implement the competition mechanism of the personnel management of the group company, the company launched the competition for middle-level cadres at the end of last year, so that outstanding talents with both ability and political integrity stood out.

      On the afternoon of February 18, 2019, the company held a collective talk meeting for middle-level cadres in the multi-function hall on the sixth floor. The meeting was chaired by Comrade Yang Qizhi, the general manager of the company, and solemnly announced the appointment decisions of the backbone forces of various departments and branches, and clarified the mission objectives of the annual work. I hope that everyone will have an innovative spirit, strengthen their sense of responsibility, and create brilliant achievements in their hard work. According to their performance posts, the representatives of the speeches made a speech on how to combine their own advantages, achieved the goal of operating production tasks, and improved their technical level. They won the applause of the participants.

      Finally, Comrade Luo Zhiqiang, the chairman of the company, asked all cadres and workers to improve their political positions, perform their duties loyally, speak politics, speak the rules, and teach the rules, improve the technical level, innovate the management model, and encourage everyone to always be guided by the mission objectives. On the road together, walk together.