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2019/02/24 18:52
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       In order to promote the leadership of the group and the party members and cadres to lead the political construction, to show new ways and actions in the new era, and to inspire the entrepreneurial enthusiasm, from February 24th to 26th, the Xiangtou Group held a group executive at the Party School of the Provincial Party Committee. And middle management personnel to concentrate on training courses. The training covers revolutionary traditional education, cadre team building, ideological and political construction, party style and clean government education, and state-owned assets reform policy.
       All members of the leadership team of our hospital participated in the training. Through three days of concentrated visits, study and discussion, everyone further enhanced their political position, enhanced their awareness of discipline, and improved their entrepreneurial spirit. Everyone said that in the future work, they will be more political, disciplined, burdened, and able to lead the company to persist in reform and development, vigorously expand its business operations, and contribute to building a healthy, first-class, and technologically-oriented Xiangtou.
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