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List of commercial grain projects

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Hunan Chemical and Pharmaceutical Design Institute Commercial Grain Project List
2018 Hunan Transportation International Economic Engineering Cooperation Co., Ltd. Water Transportation Logistics Park Asphalt Storage Transfer Project
2017 Ningxiang County Jinyu Warehouse Logistics Center Project covers an area of ​​about 34 acres
China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Hunan Petroleum Branch Distribution Center Project
Changsha Chemical Dangerous Goods Warehouse, Changsha Chemical Raw Materials Corporation, Hunan Province
Hunan Hongsheng Technology Development Company Changsha Warehouse Base Project
Hubei Tianguan Bio-Energy Co., Ltd. 500,000 tons/year rice processing and by-product comprehensive utilization project
Sangzhi County Food Canning Factory 5200 cubic meters cold storage project
Changde Frozen Meat Factory Preparation Workshop 4300 cubic meters cold storage project
Hunan Province Materials Bureau 603 library 6500 square meters warehouse project
Changsha Lightweight Materials Company Underground Warehouse, Dangerous Goods Warehouse Project
Hunan Petrochemical Department Fertilizer Company Warehouse Project
Liling City Light Chemical Company Alcohol Library Project
Mayang Daily Chemical Plant 1000 tons / year stearic acid. 3000 tons / year hardened oil. 100 tons / year industrial glycerin project
Mayang Miao Autonomous County Building Materials Factory 600 tons / year oleic acid. 400 tons / year stearic acid engineering
Hunan Yunfei Chemical Factory 5 tons / day fine tea oil. 200 tons / year tea saponin project
Ningxiang County Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant 2000 tons / year stearic acid project
Zhuzhou City Feed Factory 24,000 tons / year feed project
Changsha Feed Mill 20,000 tons/year feed project
Changde City Feed Factory 12,000 tons / year feed project
5,000 tons/year cassava starch project of oxalic acid project in Lianshan County, Guangdong Province
Guangdong Heshan Zhaijiao Starch Factory 5000 tons / year tapioca starch project
Huitong County First Chemical Plant 5000 tons / year alcohol project
Tongxian County Chemical Plant 5000 tons / year alcohol project
Zixing Mining Bureau Dongjiang Fine Chemical Plant 5000 tons / year alcohol project
5,000 tons/year alcohol project in the organic chemical plant of Runchuan County, Gansu Province, Yunnan Province
Yunnan Xinlanjing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. 20,000 tons/year anhydrous ethanol project
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