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The Provincial Department notified the safety of the reservoir, supervised the implementation of the rectification

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2018/09/04 09:12
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Recently, in order to further urge the city and county to grasp the safety of the reservoir, supervise and rectify the work, the provincial government has notified the implementation of the province's reservoir safety, supervision and rectification.
The circular pointed out that the Ministry of Water Resources has put forward rectification requirements for 75 small reservoirs in our province four times, and found 130 problems of various types. 93 problems have been rectified and implemented in the province, and 37 problems are still being rectified. The Provincial Department has proposed rectification requirements for 303 reservoirs in the province five times. A total of 767 various problems have been discovered, of which 451 have been rectified and implemented, 316 problems are being rectified; the reservoir dispatching regulations and the emergency plan for flood control and emergency rescue are implemented. The situation is good, but the rectification of the reservoir water and rain forecasting and forecasting system and a few engineering safety hazards should further improve the ideological understanding and effectively grasp the rectification.
The provincial government requires that all localities should further improve their ideological understanding, fully understand the extreme importance of reservoir safety and safety, and fully implement the flood control security measures of the reservoir in accordance with the overall requirements of the national defense, provincial party committee and provincial government for flood control and security to ensure reservoir safety. Degree. It is necessary to further implement the rectification and implementation. The main responsible comrades of all units must personally organize the implementation of the “three responsible persons” and “three key links” of the reservoir safety degree. The problems discovered by the supervision should be immediately corrected; If the rectification is in place, the implementation of the rectification shall be submitted regularly until the problem number. To further strengthen operational management, all units must carefully analyze the causes of the problems, effectively grasp the "three-year action plan" for the safe operation management of large and medium-sized reservoirs and the reform of the small-scale water conservancy project management system, establish and improve various management systems, and implement the operation. Manage funds, improve mechanisms, strengthen management, and ensure the safe operation of reservoirs.
A few days ago, the provincial department had interviewed the main responsible comrades of some city and state water conservancy bureaus according to the requirements of the Ministry of Water Resources, ordered the rectification within a time limit, and investigated the responsible persons in accordance with relevant regulations and procedures. In the next step, the Ministry of Water Resources and the Provincial Water Resources Department will conduct a “review” of relevant issues from time to time. For those problems or places that do not take effective measures for rectification in the long run, the provincial government will send a letter to the local people's government to supervise and recommend relevant responsible persons. Conduct accountability.