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The first tender section of the Yongzhou-Shaoyang County Gas Pipeline Engineering Design and Construction General Contracting (EPC) officially started

2021/03/31 18:36
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  Tang Huiyun, Director of Yongzhou Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau and Deputy Commander of Yongzhou Gasification Hunan Headquarters, Guo Wen, Deputy General Manager of Provincial Natural Gas Pipeline Company, Zhao Gang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Director of the Institute of Chemical Industry, Xin Yunxing, Deputy General Manager of Sinopec Shengli Oil Construction Company, Shengli Oilfield Liu Wenxian, deputy general manager of Hengwei Engineering Management Company, and Zhang Yu, deputy general manager of Henan Zhongyuan Engineering Inspection Company, attended the ceremony.

  Zhao Gang, as the representative of the lead unit of the EPC consortium, delivered an opening speech, expressing his warm welcome to all the leaders and guests, and expressing heartfelt thanks to governments at all levels and pipe network companies for their trust. At the same time, he said that he would give full play to the advantages of the EPC consortium, do a good job in organization and coordination, optimize project design, rigorous construction procedures, in accordance with the requirements of the construction unit, the Yongzhou-Shaoyang County gas transmission pipeline would be a people's livelihood project, a reassurance project and a green project for the general public in Yongzhou City.

  Guo Wen emphasized that the Hunan gasification project is a great responsibility. In this year, the production time is tight and the task is heavy. All participating units must increase their investment to ensure quality and safety, speed up the project progress, and ensure the completion of various construction period nodes.

  Finally, Tang Huiyun, on behalf of the city gas index, expressed strong support for the Yongzhou Gasification Project, wished the project  success, and announced the start of welding.

  Xiao Aigui, Engineering Management Department of Provincial Pipeline Network Company, Jiang Huan, Deputy General Manager of Chemical Industry Institute, Yongzhou Project Department of Pipeline Network Company, Yongzhou Project Department of Shengli Oil Construction, Yongzhou Supervision Department of Shengli Oilfield Hengwei Engineering Management, Yongzhou Project Department of Zhongyuan Engineering Inspection Participate in the groundbreaking ceremony.

  Note: The Yongzhou-Shaoyang County Gas Pipeline Project is an important part of the " Hunan Gasification Project" in province and the key project” Yongzhou Gasification project: in Yongzhou. It is the key project to improve the energy structure of Hunan Province, benefit the people's livelihood, and promote development ,which is great significance to promote the construction of Yongzhou citizens' livelihood, improve the happiness index of the people of Yongzhou City, and promote economic development.

  The gas source of the Yongzhou-Shaoyang County gas pipeline project is from the Yongzhou branch pigging station of the Guangxi branch of Sinopec New Gas Pipeline. The pipe diameter is DN400, the design pressure is 6.3 MPa, and the design gas transmission volume is 372 million cubic meters per year. The pipeline goes through Yongzhou City Lingling District, Lengshuitan District, Dong’an County and Shaoyang County four counties (districts), with a total pipeline length of 116 kilometers, the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2022, inthe first half of 2023 the pipeline will be open for gas in Yongzhou City, Dong’an County, Qiyang County and  the surrounding area along the pipeline. At the same time,  with Shaoyang area gas pipeline interconnection, southern Hunan and western Hunan have two large gas sources of the Xiang Lou Shao and the new gas pipeline at the same time, which is important  to the stability and safety of the local gas supply.