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The hoisting and aerial assembly of the extraction tower of Shandong Jufeng Hydrogen Peroxide General Contracting Project marked one of milestones of this project was completed

2021/04/01 18:33
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  On March 31, the main crane of the 500t full hydraulic truck crane slowly raised the upper section of the extraction tower and assembled it in place in the air. The final lifting and assembly of the extraction tower was completed.

  The extraction tower is a key equipment in the 225,000 tons/year (27.5%) hydrogen peroxide general contracting project of Heze Jufeng New Energy Co., Ltd. The diameter of the extraction tower is DN5000/DN4500/DN4200mm, and the height is 41160mm. Due to the large diameter and long length of the equipment, the extraction tower is made and transported in two sections, the upper section and the lower section.and the upper section will be transported to the site after the lower section is lifted to complete the final lifting and aerial assembly.. Next, follow-up work such as welding and non-destructive testing of the circumferential welds of the extraction tower group pair, as well as equipment hydraulic test will be carried out on site . The completion of the lifting assembly of the extraction tower provided a favorable guarantee for the smooth progress of the project.