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Cooperating again, Shandong Langhui Phase II Paste Resin Project has entered full sprint stage

2021/04/06 08:23
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  At the beginning of April, the breeze was clear in Linzi, the capital of Qi GUO. Shandong Langhui Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Phase II 200,000 tons/year special paste resin project site blew the horn of "Hundred days of work to ensure project node", and the project construction has entered  full sprint stage.

  The expansion project of Langhui Special Paste Resin is the second phase of cooperation after the first phase of cooperation between our institute and Shandong Langhui Company in 2012 which provided high-quality services.“Tight schedule, urgent process, high quality, and early production” are the characteristics and difficulties of the project. The designers of our institute overcome the difficulties and complete the design tasks according to the nodes, helping the Langhui Phase II special paste resin project to be successfully constructed and put into production!

  The crane on site is carrying out hoisting tasks in an orderly manner. The drying tower bucket of the drying section has been spliced, and it is expected to complete all the hoisting tasks of the drying tower within 40 days; the installation of 10 polymerizers in the polymerization section has been completed, and some pipelines have also been welded and installed; the outer basic construction of the three-dimensional finished product warehouse has been completed, and the installation of the internal three-dimensional warehouse system has begun. On-site construction personnel of the project take the initiative to increase pressure,work day and night , and strive to shorten the construction period; the designers of our institute promptly resolve on-site feedback to escort the construction of the project.