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Implementation Plan for Deepening the Party's Mass Line Education Practice Activities

2013/07/29 12:38
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The various branches and departments of the hospital are:
  According to the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Carrying Out the Party's Mass Line Education and Practice Activities in the Whole Party" (Zhong Fa [2013] No. 4), "The CPC Hunan Provincial Committee" on the implementation of the party's mass line education practice activities Opinions>"(Xiangfa [2013] No. 5) Document Spirit and "Partnership of the Hunan Provincial Petrochemical Industry Management Office Party Group on the implementation plan of the party's mass line education practice activities" (Xiangxiang Petrochemical Party [2013] No. 10 In combination with the actual situation of our hospital, the study of the Party Committee of the SAR, the following implementation plan is formulated for the in-depth development of the party's mass line education practice activities.
First, the overall requirements
  (1) Deeply understand the guiding ideology.
  Hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, adhere to the guidance of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the Three Representatives of Important Thoughts, and the Scientific Outlook on Development, and closely focus on maintaining and developing the party's advanced nature and purity, and thinking that the people are honest and honest. For the main content, focusing on the leading group of the hospital, effectively strengthen the Marxist mass view and the party's mass line education, adhere to criticism and self-criticism, persist in stressing practical results, leading the leadership, further highlighting the style of work, and resolutely oppose formalism, bureaucracy, Hedonism and extravagant style, focus on solving the outstanding problems of party members and cadres in their ideological style and work, further enhance the consciousness and firmness of implementing the party's mass line, give full play to the party's close ties with the masses, and provide the construction of our school. Strong thinking guarantee and spiritual motivation.
(2) Accurately grasp the overall requirements.
  Carrying out the party's mass line education and practice activities is an important deployment made by the 18th National Congress. Party members and cadres at all levels should closely follow the theme of "changing the style of work and serving the people" and conscientiously implement the general requirements of "viewing the mirror, dressing the crown, washing the bath, treating the disease" proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, thinking that the civil affairs are clean and the main content is the main content. Focusing on anti-formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance, and resolving outstanding problems in style of work in the spirit of rectification, self-purification, self-improvement, self-innovation, and self-improvement. We must take the party constitution as a mirror, and look at the outstanding problems in the "four winds" of formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism, and extravagance. We will consciously find problems and gaps in ideology, work style, integrity and self-discipline, and further clarify improvements and efforts. The direction. We must conscientiously strengthen party spirit and fulfill the obligations of party members, so as to prevent micro-duration and self-cultivation. It is necessary to actively carry out criticism and self-criticism, deeply analyze the root causes of problems, pure thoughts, and correct behaviors in order to maintain the political qualities of the Communists.
(3) Always keep in mind the target tasks.
  The objective task of the party's mass line education practice activities is to carefully investigate the "four winds" of formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism, and extravagance through educational practice activities; education guides party members and cadres to firmly establish the views of the masses and strengthen them. The masses stand to maintain the integrity of the people; further reflect the mass aspirations of the broad masses of employees in our school and meet the needs of the masses; further deepen the grassroots and close to the masses in the style of work, and enhance the exchanges and interactions with the employees of our hospital, which is good for our hospital. Quickly develop suggestions and suggestions. The thinking of the broad masses of party members and cadres was further improved, the style of work was further changed, and the relationship between the party and the masses was further strengthened.
Second, the method steps
  In accordance with the unified deployment of the provincial party committee and the provincial petrochemical organization, our institute is the first batch of educational practice units. This educational practice began in late July of this year and was completed in late December of this year. It was organized in three stages.
(1) Studying and educating and listening to opinions.
  Focus on learning and propaganda, ideological arming, soliciting opinions and in-depth practice.
  Grasp the mobilization deployment. A mobilization meeting was held to convey the relevant spirit of the central and provincial committees and the organization, and to mobilize and deploy the mass line education and practice activities. After mobilizing the meeting, democratic review of the leadership team and party members and cadres.
  Organize topical learning. Adopting the combination of concentrated learning and individual self-study, combining discussion and investigation with research and research, combining “going out” and “please come in”, organize party members and cadres through various forms such as central group study, branch study, and experience exchange. Learning activities. The content of the study includes the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the party constitution and the report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and the spirit of a series of important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping. The Central Committee compiled a series of "On the Mass Lines - An Important Excerpt of the Important Discourse" and conducted a special discussion. Through carrying out the theme education and learning, we firmly established the viewpoint of serving the people, always stood firm on the masses' position, regarded the people's satisfaction as the first criterion for inspection work, and earnestly enhanced the consciousness and firmness of implementing the party's mass line.
Widely solicited opinions. In conjunction with the actual situation of our hospital, we will extensively solicit opinions and suggestions through symposiums and individual interviews, and will submit the opinions and suggestions to the reporting and supervision team. Through comprehensive analysis and research on the opinions collected, we will understand the expectations of the majority of employees in the hospital, further clarify work responsibilities, clarify work ideas, and strengthen work measures. In response to the requirements of implementing the mass line and strengthening the work style, we have sorted out the existing system of the hospital and proposed measures to amend and improve it.
(2) Checking issues and conducting criticism.
  The focus is on the requirements of the people's pragmatic cleanliness, and the problems of formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance, and serious criticism and self-criticism.
  Deep self-analysis. Party committee members and team members, grassroots party branches and party members and cadres at the grassroots level must conduct self-analysis against the requirements of pragmatic and honest, find out the gaps and deficiencies in the implementation of the mass line, and analyze the causes in depth. Will wait for the form, seriously carry out criticism and self-criticism, and clarify the direction of future efforts.
  Conduct talks. The members of the school team talked to each other, communicated ideas, exchanged information, and reminded each other. The grassroots party branches must organize party members and cadres to conduct mutual talks, exchanges, and remind each other. The administrative supervision team will find some party members and cadres to talk to each other within a certain scope, fully understand the construction of the team and the outstanding problems, and inform the main responsible comrades and members of the team.
  Hold a democratic symposium. Through multi-level, all-round and in-depth discussions, we will find out the most necessary and urgent difficulties and problems in the current production and life of the masses; and find out the outstanding problems of leading cadres in the line of the masses. The democratic symposium will focus on "three investigations and three observations", check the ideological understanding, see if it has established the views of the masses, and stabilize the position of the masses; check the work style to see whether it is deep into the grassroots, close to the masses, and work is solid and effective; In order to be honest and clean, we must see whether individuals strictly abide by the provisions of the party's work style and clean government, and take the lead in implementing the eight provisions of the central government and the nine provisions of the provincial party committee. The democratic symposium should be linked to the actual work, face the contradictions and problems, carry out criticism and self-criticism in depth, and propose practical rectification measures in response to the problems identified.
(3) The implementation of rectification and establishment of rules and regulations.
  Formulate a work plan for rectification. In response to the current key problems in our hospital, we have carefully formulated rectification plans and implemented the first-hand responsibility system. The rectification plan should listen to the opinions of the masses, accept the supervision of the masses, and be pragmatic, solid in work, and task-implemented.
  Establish and improve relevant systems. In response to this activity, we will improve the existing system, formulate a new system, and focus on solving problems throughout the entire process of educational practice, and form a long-term mechanism for improving work style. Party branches at all levels must adhere to the center and serve the overall situation, combine the implementation of educational practice activities with the implementation of the tasks of the Party’s 18th National Congress and the 10th Provincial Party Congress, and combine with the production tasks of our hospital. It is combined with guiding party members and cadres to perform their duties as entrepreneurs, so that all aspects and measures of the activities serve the production and operation of our hospital.
Third, organizational leadership
  In order to strengthen the organization and leadership of the party's mass line education and practice activities, according to the requirements of the provincial party committee, the provincial economic and trade committee and the office, the leading group of the mass line education practice activities of the Hunan Chemical and Pharmaceutical Design Institute Party was established, and Comrade Xie Luguo was the leader. Luo Zhiqiang, Yang Qizhi, Su Haojin, and Comrade Zhao Gang are members, responsible for the leadership and specific guidance of the educational practice activities of the whole hospital. The leading group consists of an office consisting of the Human Resources Department, the Office, and the Disciplinary Committee of the Academy. It is responsible for the daily work of the mass line education and practice activities.
  Party members and cadres at all levels of the hospital must fully understand the great practical significance of the whole party in carrying out this educational practice. We must take this educational practice as a major political task, grasp and do a good job, and make full use of our website and hospital chemical civilization. The newspaper and other propaganda media have created a good public opinion atmosphere for the smooth implementation of this educational practice, ensuring the effectiveness of the mass line education practice activities in our school.
July 29, 2013
Attachment: Hunan Chemical and Pharmaceutical Design Institute to carry out the party's mass line education practice activities schedule