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On February 26, 2016, our school held the "Three Stricts and Three Realities" special democratic life meeting.

2016/02/26 08:45
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On February 26, 2016, our institute held the "Three Stricts and Three Realities" special democratic life meeting. The members of the Party Committee and the Disciplinary Committee of the Academy attended the meeting. Comrade Yang Qizhi, secretary of the Party Committee of the hospital, first conducted a cross-check to take the lead in self-criticism and criticism. Then the members of the school team successively made a cross-checking speech, carried out self-criticism, and other members criticized and helped. Finally, the members of the inspected team made a statement, and the disciplinary committee members who attended the meeting also put forward constructive opinions on the team and members. At the meeting, the members of the school team treated the criticism correctly and accepted it humbly, and responded to the statement one by one, forming a good atmosphere of interaction and communication, and achieving the goal of unity-criticism-unity. The party committee of the hospital will carry out the criticism in light of this democratic life meeting, reorganize the problems posed by the investigation, and incorporate the issues that have not been rectified in the educational practice activities into the rectification list for rectification; further improve the system regulations and strengthen compliance with the regulations. Daily supervision and regular inspections, serious investigation and punishment of violations of discipline and discipline, and promote the implementation of the "three strict and three real" requirements institutionalization, normalization and long-term.