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Remembering the martyrs, not forgetting the initial heart - a party and three branches of our school organized party members to

2018/09/07 08:35
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On September 7th, 2018, a party and three branches of our school organized party members to carry out revolutionary traditional education and patriotic education activities on the field of 'channel transfer'
In the afternoon, the party members walked into the Channel Reconstruction Memorial Hall with excitement. What caught the eye was a picture showing glorious historical facts. The entire exhibition exhibition showed the heroic battles of the predecessors for the revolutionary cause. Party members, along with the commentator's detailed explanation of the history of the revolutionary struggle, carefully watched every picture and every precious precious item, feeling that he was already in the revolutionary era of the bonfire years, and was greatly encouraged.
On the way back, we pursued the revolutionary predecessors' bloody battles and the firm and determined steps to come to the imposing ‘Falling Place,’ and feel the unyielding spirit of how difficult it is to rejuvenate the country. It is the revolutionary predecessors who faced the enemies of sophisticated weapons and equipment in the arduous and rigorous environment, and resisted the brutality and ferocity of the invaders. After repeated bloody battles and hardships, they exchanged blood and life for peace. A happy life of the age. Walking in the site of the Chinese Theater's acceptance ceremony, I feel the gloom and remember the Chinese people's tragic memories of the war in the new era. With the incomparable reverence for the loyalty of the martyrs, I clearly realized that the mission and responsibility of being a member of the Communist Party on the road to realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has strengthened the courage and determination to fight for the cause of the party for the rest of her life.
Through this educational activity, the comrades’ cultivating of the party spirit was strengthened and the sense of purpose was strengthened. Everyone unanimously stated that they should learn the fine style of hard work of the revolutionary ancestors and invest in their jobs with a positive and high spirit!