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Hunan Province-Changsha City-Yuelu District
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2018/12/13 17:32
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1. Full-time 2019 undergraduate and above graduates;
2, has a good learning ability, excellent academic performance during school;
3, with a good team spirit, earnestly abide by the rules and regulations during the school, strong sense of responsibility, willing to work hard, physical and mental health;
4. Identify corporate culture and values.
Five insurance and one gold: pension insurance, medical insurance, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, housing provident fund, supplementary group medical insurance.
Salary composition: Salary consists of salary plus bonus, including post salary, performance bonus, title allowance, and practicing qualification allowance.
Welfare: including lunch subsidies, communication subsidies, heatstroke prevention and cold weather, holiday condolences, regular free medical examinations, continuing education, job training, etc., single-person employees can provide staff dormitory.
Vacation: paid annual leave, family leave, marriage and funeral leave, maternity leave, sick leave, etc.